Millions of people pay tribute to the nation`s best children


Millions of people pay deep tribute to the best children of the nation with flowers at the National Memorial of Savar on the Great Victory Day. The main altar of the memorial has been covered with flowers that are paid with homage and love to the country’s finest children.
On the day of victory, people of all walks, pay homage to the heroic martyr by ignoring the fog and cold. Millions of people came to pay homage to the memorial late night. The wounded freedom fighters also came. In the eyes of everyone, there was the impression of the constant confidence of the construction of golden Bangla in the spirit of the War of Liberation. With the joy and excitement of Victory Day, the whole Savar surrounded by the Memorial has become a festive city.

The day’s program begins with the 21 times artillery in the morning. Then the President Md. Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid their respects to the martyrs. After their departure, the memorial area was opened for all. The memorial of the martyrs was filled with flowers.

Millions of people gathered at the National Memorial to remember the best children of the nation. Everyone had a dream to build a beautiful Bangladesh. The whole Savar turned into a festive city, surrounded by the joy and excitement of the Victory Day.


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