The 36th span ‘One-A’ has been installed on the Padma Bridge. Today, Saturday (November 21), the span was placed on the 1st and 2nd pillars of the Mawa end of Munshiganj.

By installing this span at an interval of one week, it is visible about 8 km of the bridge. The last three spans will sit in December.

Earlier, on November 12, the 36th span was placed on the 9th and 10th pillars of the Mawa side of Munshiganj. One of the remaining 4 spans sat down today.

Although it is the earliest span, the reason for sitting so late is that the design of each span of the English ‘H’ alphabet shaped Padma Bridge is different. The span parts of this place came from China much later. Apart from this, the structure of Pillar No. 1 is completely different from other pillars. Normally 6 to 8 piles are used in other pillars but 16 piles have been used in this strong pillar. Cars and trains will enter the bridge through this pillar.

However, other spans were placed in the water, but a pillar of the 36th span fell to the ground. Due to the presence of pillars in the ground, a large part of the riverbank has to be cut for the crane to come with the span.

Dewan Abdul Quader, Executive Engineer (Main Bridge) of Padma Bridge, said, “The span was scheduled to be installed on November 16. However, since the two designated pillars are on one shore (land) and the other on the river, the space between the two piers has to be dredged to accommodate the movement of the span-carrying floating crane. Then it takes a few more days to prepare the other technical details.

The main bridge is being built by China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group Company Limited (MBEC), a Chinese contractor, and Sino Hydro Corporation, another Chinese company, is working on river management.


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